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Pandora Charm Have a wonderful associated

Light along with for bethesda's birthday bash Home announcements yes!Sports brides obits life photos videos ads autos jobs real estate goguide extras outdoor discover food gardening a e win super league title religion travel tv clubs orgs shine your light rose festival susan g.Komen Latest head lines:Hibbs family receives boy scouts known citizen good turn award Friday, sept 20 at villa di felicita there will be lots of birthday fun and more cake than any party goer Pandora Silver Beads could know how to handle at the bethesda birthday bash. Honoring 10 years of the bethesda clinic, this year birthday bash will be filled with surprises that is included in uniquely decorated cakes, a creative panel of celebrity designers and plenty of party hats, mementos, an evening meal, moving and fun. This year celebrity cake designers include shannon dacus, medical professional.Jennifer holman, reverend donald luckenbach, medical professional.Rods mabry, suzie rippy, mollianna redding scates, smith region sheriff larry smith, nicole soules and reverend pike wisner. If you never been to the event it is a considered one of the most entertaining fundraisers you will attend all year.Each designer is given a plain white cake, contributed by super 1 foods, which must be waterproof decorate on site with provided decorating tools and a few themed props they are each allowed to bring. They have a limited length of time to decorate, while other guests are tuning into, and then all the cakes are displayed your current needs to see.Smith warm up the microphone and prepare to auction off each of the decorated cakes to outrageous bidder.Towards the end of the evening, the nine uniquely appointed cakes and the humble, yet fun, pleas from the designers will have raised thousands of dollars for the clinic. While the cakes aren truly worth thousands, the work that the bethesda clinic does in the neighborhood is priceless.Acting as a christ centered ministry their mission is in order to supply affordable, high quality care for those in need in of medical and dental care, as well as diet programs in smith county. Up to now bethesda, those in need had to go to a local hospital er for medical care.Their cutting edge facility eases the burden on local ers while serving a neglected segment of our population in a professional and dignified environment. Bethesda serves low income accomplishing adults who live or work in smith county, and have no medical care insurance coverage.Patients pay a nominal paid on their income level.Bethesda offers primary and specialization care health services and programs.Close to 285 primary care physicians and specialists, furthermore some 85 nurses, offer their services.The clinic specialized medical staff and volunteer professionals are further supported by about 300 non medical community volunteers. All remains raised from the tickets, cakes and auction items offered at the birthday bash will be used with supporting the operations of the clinic. A lady rolex watch donated by susan robinson jewelry will be hidden within the cakes and whoever bids on and wins that cake will also receive the watch. Pandora Charm Have a wonderful associated with unique items this year, she wanted to say. The potpourri house donated a $500 pandora gift cert for a drawing.Companyle corp.Donated jewelry and more donated travel packages. Carolyn and robert cerbo make the live music. Have given music for many dance groups in tyler and surrounding areas, said band advisor doris sharp.


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